Mental Health Exercise to do with Children of all ages

Mental health is so important .. getting children to open up and speak out is crucial.

In social studies we have been thinking of emotional and feelings. We focused on our time during lock-down and how we each felt. Children often find it difficult to express emotions and so by drawing different faces shows them that is okay to be 'sad' sometime and have 'down days'. It is important to reassure children that they are not alone and that everyone goes through this at some stage during their lives. Children need to be encouraged to talk.

Talk to the children about the feelings they had during their time at home - were they excited? Stressed? Sad? Confused ? Worried? Bored? Lonely ?

With smaller children you can discuss what feelings look like and draw the faces on whiteboards.

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Today's Task : You can download a Template to print in the PDF below then with your child encourage conversation and discuss different emotions that they can write in the puzzle.

MentalHealth Template
Download PDF • 1.22MB

The lesson was really enjoyable and I couldn’t believe the focus they had while classical music was being played in the background.

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